Small, Compact CPUs need a Small, Agile RTOS

Choose from five different Novos “Micro RTOS” Environments – each one scaled to match the needs of your application, including scheduling models and supporting services – no more and no less than what’s needed and no need to cut out unwanted chunks of code!

Setting up Novos takes minutes. That money goes straight to the bottom line

Because the five Novos environments are designed and packaged to meet the needs of the application, configuration is minimal, if any. Each Novos environment comes with a default configuration that enables you to start using your Novos environment with minimum effort. Coupled with our Getting Started Guides, you get to concentrate on what matters the most – the application.

Getting Novos ready to use is simple and easy, requiring no more than a few minutes rather than days – the end-result is getting your end-product finished more quickly. That can translate to faster time-to-market or bigger profits. More information…


DO NOT attempt to cut-down an existing RTOS

It will be very hard work and potentially an undocumented, unsustainable solution. Imagine stripping-down a Rolls-Royce to create a small, agile go-kart – you should have got a go-kart in the first place!

Cutting-out unwanted RTOS features could result in inefficient code and wasted hours spent painstakingly debugging and writing documentation to try to make this very bespoke solution fully maintainable for the future.

Building Your Own RTOS is also Tough

Writing your own Micro RTOS in-house will take a lot of effort and it will have the same concerns about testing, debugging, documentation and future sustainability in the event of staff leaving without properly documenting the bespoke code they created.

Even building a seemingly simple “foreground/background” environment is a tough proposition with an unacceptable cost in time, reliability and product maintainability.


The Novos Solution – A choice of FIVE Free Environments to match the needs of your application

Here’s a typical comment: “I’m using a small, simple processor and all I need to do is manage a few tasks…”

The Novos family of Micro RTOS Environments has been built “from the ground up” – you can choose a FREE Novos Environment to match the needs of your application – no more “cutting out unwanted bits of RTOS”.

Your application will be “future-proofed” – as it becomes more sophisticated over time, the code can be migrated from one Novos Environment to another. All Novos Environments are comprehensively tested, debugged, documented and supported, offering a fully-sustainable solution.

Novos FB - Foreground / Background - "Supercharged Super Loop" – ideal for many applications where, for example, the end-product carries out straightforward measurement and control actions
Novos EFB - Extended Foreground / Background - "Super Loop on Steroids" – added high priority Foreground tasks and pre-emptive scheduling to give certain application tasks priority
Novos FCFS - First Come First Served– suited to applications where there are multiple concurrent incoming requests which can be scheduled into the order of arrival
Novos RRS - Round Robin Scheduling – for applications where Background multitasking is required - uses non-pre-emptive, Time-Sliced scheduling plus full Foreground support
Novos PPS - Pre-emptive Priority Scheduling – where a full, comprehensive Multitasking RTOS is required - uses pre-emptive priority scheduling of Background tasks

Size Matters

Small, compact processors using often have small amounts of RAM, ROM and Flash. Making effective use of these memory resources is essential and our Novos Environments do just that. More information…

Real-Time Capabilities

Full Real-Time capability can be achieved with four of the five Novos Environments (EFB, FCFS, RRS and PPS) by defining how the foreground operates with Foreground Tasks and Event Action Routines.

Long-Term Sustainability

If required, the application can be migrated from one Novos Environment to another. At the top of the range, there is even an Environment for applications needing a full, complex multitasking RTOS solution.

Power Conservation Features Fully Supported

To meet the low-power requirements of applications that use small processors, power management features are provided, including support for power/clock gating and deep sleep modes.

Credible, Tested and Reliable Solutions

Our Novos Environments are based on over four decades of embedded systems experience of our lead developer Tom Barrett. He has personally built many embedded systems and has designed well-known RTOS products including RTXC™, RTXC Quadros™, plus the Freeware Kernels MCX-11™, MCX-16™ and RTEK™ from Motorola.

Technical Support

Support packages can be purchased and our Commercial Licence offers ongoing support services.

Fully Documented

For a modest cost, two types of Guide are offered: User Guides and Service Reference Guides.