Application Frameworks for Small, Compact CPUs

“I’m only using a small processor and I just need to get on with writing code”.

Is this your view? If it is, then you could end up spending a lot of time you could otherwise save by using a pre-packaged Application Framework.

What is an Application Framework?

Embedded systems typically consist of application-specific code sitting on top of a library of lower-level functions code (Services). The Services provide a Framework of support for a particular software architecture, including passing data between execution entities, synchronizing with events, allowing time-based events and more. Application code calls on the Services to achieve a desired system behavior.

An Application Framework is costly to write yourself

It will be hard work and don’t forget about the testing, debugging and documentation. Stripping-down an RTOS will also be hard work, potentially yielding an undocumented, unsustainable solution. Imagine stripping-down a Rolls-Royce to create a small, agile go-kart – you should have got a go-kart in the first place!

We provide five different Novos Application Frameworks to match your chosen embedded architecture

Each Novos Application Framework is a library of fully-tested, fully-documented Services designed and scaled to match the needs of a commonly-used software architecture. From a Super Loop to fully pre-emptive multitasking, every Novos Application Framework contains all you need for a solid development.

Whatever behavior your design needs, whatever your software architecture, there is a Novos Environment to make it happen. And each Novos Application Framework is available in source code form for FREE.

Build your application on top of a tested and documented Novos Application Framework. You get to the application code development more quickly and you’ll save a considerable amount of time and reduce risk. Why re-invent the wheel?

Novos Environments are ready and easy to use

The time required to configure a Novos Application Framework Configuration is minimal, if any, because each Novos Framework comes with a default configuration, enabling you to start using Novos with minimum effort. Coupled with our Getting Started Guides, you get to concentrate on what matters the most – the application.

Select the Service you need to achieve the system behavior you want, apply parameters in accordance with the Application Program Interface (API) and you’ve done it. It really is as simple as that.

Getting a Novos Environment ready to use and employing it is simple and easy. Take the time you save over a custom or hacked approach and put it into developing your application. That saved time can translate to faster time-to-market or bigger profits. More information

Hard Real-Time Capabilities

If your application requires hard real-time performance, four of the five Novos Application Frameworks can provide it. And near real-time performance can be achieved with the fifth.

Size Matters – yes it really does!

Small, compact processors using often have small amounts of RAM, ROM and Flash. Making effective use of these memory resources is essential and our Novos Environments do just that. More information…

Novos FB - Foreground / Background - "Supercharged Super Loop" – Super Loop Background plus pre-emptive priority scheduling of Foreground entities for handling interrupts and event actions
Novos EFB - Extended Foreground / Background - "Super Loop on Steroids" – Super Loop Background with pre-emptive priority scheduling of Foreground entities
Novos FCFS - First Come First Served – simple, cooperative multitasking in which Background tasks are scheduled the order of arrival plus pre-emptive, priority scheduling of Foreground entities
Novos RRS - Round Robin Scheduling – cooperative, time-sliced multitasking of Background tasks plus pre-emptive, priority scheduling of Foreground entities
Novos PPS - Pre-emptive Priority Scheduling – comprehensive multitasking kernel using pre-emptive priority, FCFS and RRS scheduling of Background tasks plus pre-emptive priority scheduling of Foreground entities

Credible, Tested and Reliable Solutions

Our Novos Environments are based on over four decades of embedded systems and commercial RTOS development experience.

Long-Term Sustainability

All services in the Novos Application Frameworks make use of a common Application Program Interface (API). The underlying code for each service is scaled according to the requirements of the associated software architecture. The common API allows applications to be migrated from one Novos Environment to another with little or no change, preserving your investment in your application.

Power Conservation Features Fully Supported

To meet the low-power requirements of applications that use small processors, power management features are provided, including support for power/clock gating and deep sleep modes.

Technical Support

Support packages can be purchased and our Commercial License offers ongoing support services.

Fully Documented

Each Novos Environment has an associated documentation set that consists of a User Guide and a Services Reference Guide. Both documents are available for a modest cost and may be purchased individually or together.