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Unsupported Novos Environment Software License Description

Embedded Environments Co. offers a license for the software comprising the Novos environment of your choice. The software does not include documentation but you can obtain it with payment of a nominal fee. You can download the Novos environment source code for free but you must agree to respect the copyrights and other terms and conditions as described in the license agreement. Your use of the Novos environment source code is free of royalties to Embedded Environments Co. for the products in which you incorporate the Novos environment code.

The code is richly commented to help you learn it. But if your time is valuable and you want to get up to speed quickly and also gain a thorough understanding of the Novos environment you select, two volumes of documentation – a Services Reference Guide and a User Guide – are available for purchase for a nominal fee. You are not obligated to purchase either but if you do choose to do so, you may buy either one or both of them. Discounts apply when purchased together. Embedded Environments Co. grants you a license for your personal use of the documents upon receiving your payment. Licensed documents are not to be copied, modified or distributed to third parties.

The preceding descriptions of the applicable licenses to Novos environment products are presented as a summary overview only. You should read the full text by clicking Novos Source Code License. If you cannot agree to all the terms in the license, you should not download the Novos environment source code or make a document purchase. Violations of the license terms and/or copyrights will be pursued by Embedded Environments Co. to the fullest extent of the law.