1.6 Do Novos environments support hard real-time?

The short answer to this question is “Yes”. Hard real-time capability depends largely on the design of an environment, not just a Novos environment. It depends on whether the services offered by the environment are implemented in a deterministic manner or how the environment responds to internal or external events. The Novos environments are designed in such a way that the services support deterministic operations.

All but one of the Novos environments support the use of fixed priority Foreground tasks that can be organized to guarantee their schedulability to meet real-time requirements. You set their priorities using Rate/Deadline Monotonic Analysis based on their rates of execution periods or deadlines. If they pass a simple schedulability test, their real-time performance is assured.

Background tasks can also meet hard real-time requirements, especially in the Novos PPS environment. It uses pre-emptive priority scheduling of Background tasks and has the ability to respond very quickly to events.

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