Your Novos environment license determines the support you receive

Questions or issues related to the Novos environment you use may arise from time to time. The type of license you get will determine whether or not you are entitled to receive support from us as you can see in the following summaries:

  • Unsupported License: A basic source code license for FREE use with no support, no maintenance, no updates and no user documentation. more…
  • Supported License: A basic source code license for FREE use with limited support, maintenance and updates and no user documentation. more…
  • Commercial License: A reasonably-priced commercial license for users who want support, documentation and source code maintenance and updates. more…

The preceding descriptions of the available licenses to Novos environment products are presented as a summary overview only. You should read the full texts of the Source Code License Agreement and/or the Documentation License Agreement. If you cannot agree to all the terms in the licenses, you should not download the Novos environment source code or make a document purchase. Violations of the license terms and/or copyrights will be pursued by Embedded Environments Co. to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Report a problem

Should you encounter a problem with your Novos environment, it may or may not be due to a bug in the code. If you want to inform us about the situation, please complete a Problem Report form and send it to us. According to your Novos environment license, we may or may not respond directly to your report. But if there is a provable bug in the code, we would like to know about it so that we can fix it. Once we’ve corrected the source code, you will have access to the fix and everyone else benefits, too.

To report a problem please use the Problem Report Form