AppBox C21

Congratulations on your purchase of the AppBox C21 built with the Novos FB Application Framework from Embedded Environments Co. The AppBox C21 is pre-programmed with the Novos AppBox Demonstration software and is ready to go.

FREE Download of the full Novos FB Application Framework

However, should you want to look at the code for the Novos AppBox Demonstration software or perhaps even modify it or extend it some way, it is available to you. The download package on this website includes the complete source code for the Novos FB Application Framework and the Novos AppBox Demonstration software. You will find further information about the contents of the download package included in the package itself.

To get the software package, simply click on the Downloads menu and select the FREE Novos FB Environment Source Code. When prompted for the CPU Core, click the down arrow on Choose an option and click the Cortex-M0/M0+ option. Then click Add to cart.

But read on before going to Checkout.

$20 Discount for Novos Documentation Packages

Your purchase also entitles you to documentation on the Novos family of Application Frameworks. The AppBox C21 included a single-use coupon that you can apply to the purchase of any of the Novos documentation packages. For each member of the Novos family of products, there is a User Guide and a Services Reference Guide. Information on these documents is found elsewhere on this website.

We offer a discount to customers who want to acquire both documents. For example, the Novos FB Services Reference Guide and Novos FB User’s Guide both retail for $20 each. The coupon accompanying your AppBox C21 purchase is good for $20, so you can get the Services Reference Guide or the User Guide for no additional cost. However, if you would like to order both, you can order the Services Reference/User Guide combo for $35. Applying your AppBox C21 discount coupon of $20 would yield an additional charge of only $15 (plus applicable taxes) for the complete Novos FB documentation set. That’s a great offer.

EXTRA DISCOUNT! – Limited time offer!

The COVID pandemic has affected every business – whether a one-man-band or a multinational. We want to do our bit to help in the economic recovery by offering a $65 COUPON towards the purchase of Novos Guides.

The $65 discount is a limited time COVID offer, so take advantage of the $65 Coupon now and save your $20 AppBox C21 Coupon for future purchases. (One Coupon only per order).

All you need do is use the Coupon Code 65COVID at Checkout to get your $65 discount. But don’t delay – this offer is for a limited time only!

100-Page eBook – Operating Systems for Embedded Applications

If you are new to the area embedded systems, check out the eBook entitled Operating Systems for Embedded Applications. It’s 100 pages of solid information to get you grounded in one of the most important areas of embedded software development. There is a small fee for the document and you may not apply your AppBox C21 discount coupon against it. But you could get it along with some of the Novos product documents you get with the discount coupon.