Novos RRS Services Reference/User Guide



The Novos RRS Environment employs a multitasking model for Background tasks (BG tasks) as well as Foreground tasks (FG tasks). All BG tasks in the Novos RRS Environment share the same priority, executing is what is called “Round Robin” fashion.

The Round Robin multitasking model is a form of Cooperative Task Scheduling but unlike FCFS scheduling, a BG task maintains control of the CPU only for a limited amount of time. Every BG task in the Robin has a time quantum property that defines how long it can maintain CPU control. When that time quantum expires, the Novos RRS Task Scheduler forces the task to give up CPU control so that the next eligible task can have its turn. This enforced “cooperation” with the other tasks ensures the work of the application gets done in a timely and orderly manner. more…