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Novos PPS: Pre-emptive Priority Scheduling Environment – A fully-featured RTOS

An Application Framework for Pre-Emptive Priority Scheduling architectures including First Come First Served and Round Robin

The Novos PPS Environment is a complete RTOS that supports pre-emptive scheduling of prioritized Background tasks (BG tasks) and Foreground tasks (FG tasks). It has all the capability one would expect in an RTOS but there are some additional features that go beyond expectations:

In addition to Pre-emptive Priority scheduling, the Novos PPS Environment supports BG task scheduling using a First Come, First Served policy, a Round Robin policy or any combination of the three policies. BG tasks scheduled using FCFS or RRS must have the same priority.

And if that isn’t enough, there is the Foreground that can handle the computational requirements of algorithmic processing such as digital signal processing (DSP), music playback or data acquisition in which a FG task performs the algorithm on a given block of data. The Foreground is also useful in Finite State Machine (FSM) designs built with different FG tasks handling the various state processing.


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