Operating Systems for Embedded Applications eBook

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Operating Systems for Embedded Applications eBook

“Matching the OS to the Application”

A 100-Page eBook by Tom Barrett of Embedded Environments Co.

There are many system architectures or “environments” that provide a foundation for embedded applications. Some system architectures are better suited to a given type of application than others. For example, the cruise control on an automobile has tight timing needs whereas a smart thermostat does not. They are both considered embedded applications but their architectural needs differ greatly.

The eBook provides a top-level, generic overview of system architectures commonly used in embedded systems. Some of them have real-time capabilities and some do not. Nevertheless, they are useful in a broad range of embedded applications where their capabilities match the needs of the application.

For a limited time only, this $35.00 eBook can be purchased for $10.00

Get the eBook and find out more about Matching the OS to the Application:

• Discover the benefits of using a System Architecture
• A comprehensive Glossary of commonly-used terms from the embedded world
• A clear definition of the function of Tasks and how they can be used efficiently
• The difference between Hard Real Time, Soft Real Time and Firm Real Time
• A “helicopter overview” of the most common System Architectures
• The real need for Multitasking and how to apply the principle to your application
• Why a basic Super Loop architecture is still a valid approach
• How simple Schedulers can be all an application requires
• When Multitasking is needed in the application
• How to combine Scheduling and Multitasking
• Learn about when a full RTOS is required

Don’t forget, for a limited time only, this $35.00 eBook can be purchased for $10.00

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