Novos PPS Environment User Guide




Novos PPS: Pre-emptive Priority Scheduling Environment

The Novos PPS Environment is a complete RTOS that supports pre-emptive scheduling of prioritized Background tasks (BG tasks) and Foreground tasks (FG tasks). It has all the capability one would expect in an RTOS but there are some additional features that go beyond expectations.

Each BG task, including the Idle Task, is an independent entity, having a priority, a time quantum and a stack. The priority is changeable and defines the importance of the BG task in relation to the other BG tasks. The time quantum allows a set of tasks to run in a Round Robin manner provided they all have the same priority. The stack allows the BG task’s context to be saved during an interrupt, a pre-emption or while waiting to synchronize with an event. When the BG task is resumed, the saved context is restored to permit it to resume its normal operation. more…

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