Problem Report Form

Novos Problem Report Form

Notes for completing Problem Report Form

Use Case Description

Please describe how you are using the Novos environment that brings about the reported problem.

Expected Behavior

Please tell us what you expect to happen when you follow the steps to reproduce the problem.  This is important, because you may have misunderstood something or missed a step, and knowing what you expect to see will help in our evaluation of the problem.

Actual Behavior

Please describe what actually happens when you follow the steps to reproduce the problem.  This is the essence of the problem.

Steps to Reproduce

Please describe a step-by-step procedure how to reproduce the reported problem. Do not make any assumptions about what we might know about your situation. The more complete your description and instructions, the easier it will be to determine the nature of the problem and, if it is a bug, to fix it.

Repeatability of Problem

Please indicate if the steps you describe to reproduce the problem produce repeatable behavior.

Attempted Troubleshooting/Isolation Steps

Please describe anything you have done to isolate the problem, troubleshoot it or otherwise determine its cause. Also describe things you tried in order to fix it on your own.


If you found a way to make the Novos environment work in spite of the problem, please describe what you did it.

Novos Problem Report Form

– only one problem per Report please