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New Atmel C21 AppBox with AppIO Novos Module

Spectrum AppBox C21

Embedded Environments Co. has announced a collaboration with Spectrum Digital, Inc. to develop the AppBox C21 with AppIO Novos Module. The product is a powerful evaluation and development tool for embedded applications using the Atmel ATSAMC21J18A, incorporating the Arm Cortex M0+ microcontroller. Spectrum Digital, Inc. is a Microchip Authorized Design Partner.

The AppBox C21 with the AppIO Novos Module has three main uses: evaluation, development and education. Running at 48 MHz, it provides a quick way of evaluating the capabilities and suitability of the Atmel ATSAMC21 microcontroller family. As a development tool, it provides a foundation for rapid prototyping or development of an end-product. The third use is as an educational tool that students can use to learn the basics of embedded system design and software development. More…


Martin Company becomes a Recommended Consultancy

Martin Company has become one of our Recommended Electronics Consultancies. Founded in 1980, Martin Company is an ISO-9001 certified electronics engineering, design, and manufacturing company. Its offices are located near Houston, Texas.

Over the years, Martin Company has completed over 2,500 projects. The quality of their work can be measured by the number of repeat and referral customers that each project has produced. Martin Company can plan projects, carry out product research and development, draw schematics, lay out PCBs, write software/firmware, assemble and test prototypes, and document designs for production. More...


New eBook Introductory Offer of Just $10

“Operating Systems for Embedded Applications”.

This eBook is an independent review of the different types of architecture used in embedded systems – it contains no sales pitch, it simply offers embedded software engineering facts and advice.

The Introductory offer is just $10.

The author is Tom Barrett, a leading name in the embedded world for several decades.
Tom has personally designed well-known RTOS products including RTXC™, RTXC Quadros™, plus the Freeware Kernels MCX-11™, MCX-16™ and RTEK™ from Motorola.

To get the benefit of Tom’s very extensive experience, click on the graphic and purchase the eBook. More…


Microcontroller Market Analysis 2019-2025

Novos Market Survey

Grand View Research has published a Market Analysis, providing insight to the microcontroller market, giving estimates of market size, share and trends, by product (8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit), by application (automotive, consumer, industrial, medical and military) to the year 2025.

Headline figures: The global microcontroller market size was valued at USD 18.60 billion in 2018 and is expected reach USD 35.29 billion, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.2% over the forecast period.

The consumer electronics application segment is expected to lead the market in terms of CAGR over the forecast period. This growth is driven by the miniaturization of consumer devices and increasing number of consumer electronic products such as cameras, robots, washing machines, and microwave ovens, among others. More…


Embedded Environments Co. Launches Novos

Embedded Environments Co. has launched the Novos family – FIVE different Novos Application Frameworks to match your chosen embedded architecture.

Each Novos Application Framework is a library of fully-tested, fully-documented Services designed and scaled to match the needs of a commonly-used software architecture. From a Super Loop to fully pre-emptive multitasking, every Novos Application Framework contains all you need for a solid development.Whatever behavior your design needs, whatever your software architecture, there is a Novos Environment to make it happen. And each Novos Application Framework is available in source code form for FREE.

Build your application on top of a tested and documented Novos Application Framework. You get to the application code development more quickly and you’ll save a considerable amount of time and reduce risk. Why re-invent the wheel? More…