Novos Features

Extensive experience
Our Novos Application Frameworks are based on over four decades of experience providing services and products to the embedded systems industry, including commercial and freeware RTOSes.

FREE Source Code
The C Source Code for every Novos Application Framework is FREE. Download the Source Code

Novos Services mated with application architecture
Every Novos Application Framework provides a set of Services to support your chosen application architecture. More

Rapid to Set Up and Easy to Use – Free Getting Started Guide
As delivered, the Free source code is ready to build into your project. Just compile it, link it with your application and go. Free Getting Started Guide

Small Code and Data Footprint
Novos Frameworks are designed for specific system architectures, resulting in code and data requirements that are very efficient. You get the services and features you need without unnecessary code and data overhead. More

Provable Hard Real-Time Performance
Do you need real-time responses to external events or interrupts? Couple the event to a Foreground task and get the responsiveness you need. More

Commonsense Licenses
Our goal is for you to be able to use the Novos Application Framework of your choice with as few restrictions as possible. To that end, we have straightforward licenses for three types of usage. More

Services Callable from ISRs (Interrupt Service Routines)
Unlike many other products, almost all Novos Services, excluding those in the Mutex class, are available for use in high priority operations such as ISRs and other Foreground entities. More

No Race Conditions
Novos eliminates the race conditions often encountered in some RTOS and ad hoc designs. With Novos, there is inherent, built-in protection against them, meaning every service produces results with 100% integrity. More

Robust Two-Level Interrupt Service Model
All Novos Application Frameworks utilize the same model for handling interrupts. You can develop interrupt-driven device drivers in one Environment that can be used with another Novos Framework, saving time and money. More

Minimized Event Jitter
“Jitter” can be defined as the variable response time to each instance of an event. Novos virtually eliminates jitter by supporting preemptively scheduled Foreground activities such as Event Action Routines (EARs) that respond to events in a timely, predictable manner. More