Novos EFB Engine

Application Engine

Novos provides the capability to power the application with an organized model for handling Interrupt servicing, with the ability to support hard real-time responses – it is effectively an Application Engine.

The embedded application could be considered to be analogous to, for example, a project to build a small car, complete with engine and bodywork. The In-house constructor would start off with raw steel and a furnace to form the metal into engine components, bodywork etc. Or they could source a box of components – pistons, crankshafts etc of all shapes and sizes (an RTOS or a general-purpose OS).

Or they could buy an off-the-shelf engine (Novos EFB) specifically designed to power a small car, allowing them to concentrate on the bodywork. No contest!

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Who should use Novos?

Developers of “small” applications who are not using an RTOS. Surveys show that this represents 20% of the embedded market – there are an awful lot of you out there! You are a very significant group of developers and you deserve to be set free from the chore (and risks) of writing and debugging your own OS.

Electronic devices in this part of the market typically use low-medium-power CPUs like ARM Cortex M0/M0+ and the bulk of these devices are relatively simple IoT products.

But writing 100% of the code in-house is anything but simple!

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Time saved benefits both the company and the developer

Application Environments are hard to build, so not having to build one saves huge amounts of time. This means getting the product to market on time. Better still, Novos EFB may make all the difference between getting to market at all. Surveys show that up to 50% of products with code developed entirely in-house end up with a tangled web of “spaghetti code”.

From the developers point-of-view, avoiding the tangled code scenario will avoid sleepless nights and gain well-deserved praise from the boss.

Seriously though, the company will benefit and you will also.

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