Free eBook: Operating Systems for Embedded Applications

This Free eBook is an independent review of the different types of architecture used in embedded systems – it contains no sales pitch, it simply offers embedded software engineering facts and advice.

The author is Tom Barrett, a leading name in the embedded world for several decades. Tom has personally designed well-known RTOS products including RTXC™, RTXC Quadros™, plus the Freeware Kernels MCX-11™, MCX-16™ and RTEK™ from Motorola.

To get the benefit of Tom’s very extensive experience, download the Free eBook from the graphic in the right-hand column of this page.

In the world of embedded systems, there are many system architectures, or, environments, that provide a foundation on which the application developer designs and implements the software that becomes the application. As befits the applications themselves, some system architectures are better suited to a given type of application than others.

For example, the cruise control on an automobile has tight timing needs whereas a smart thermostat does not. They are both considered embedded applications but their architectural needs differ greatly.

The intent of this eBook is to provide a top-level, generic overview of system architectures commonly used in embedded systems. Some of them have real-time capabilities and some do not. Nevertheless, they are useful in a broad range of embedded applications where their capabilities match the needs of the application.

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