Design Services

Design Services from NOVOS

Whether you need help checking project feasibility, getting the design started, providing working prototypes or taking the project through to full production, NOVOS can help you all the way.

The strength of our design services is the combination of Novos expertise – specialised in the design of fast, compact operating systems for embedded systems – with world-class partners who can develop and deliver hardware and software systems that effectively utilise the strengths of the Novos product range.

It’s the combination of skills which is our strength.

We can offer a range of services from help getting started to complete development projects.

NOVOS and it’s associate companies can provide the following design expertise and services…

  • NOVOS Operating System design expertise/services,
  • Embedded System design expertise/services,
  • Front-end transducer expertise/services,
  • Processor CORE selection expertise/services,
  • Application Software and Firmware design expertise/services,
  • Board and Substrate design expertise/services,
  • Prototype and Manufacture expertise/services.

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