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New Atmel C21 AppBox with AppIO Novos Module

Spectrum AppBox C21

Embedded Environments Co. has announced a collaboration with Spectrum Digital, Inc. to develop the AppBox C21 with AppIO Novos Module. The product is a powerful evaluation and development tool for embedded applications using the Atmel ATSAMC21J18A, incorporating the Arm Cortex M0+ microcontroller. Spectrum Digital, Inc. is a Microchip Authorized Design Partner.

The AppBox C21 with the AppIO Novos Module has three main uses: evaluation, development and education. Running at 48 MHz, it provides a quick way of evaluating the capabilities and suitability of the Atmel ATSAMC21 microcontroller family. As a development tool, it provides a foundation for rapid prototyping or development of an end-product. The third use is as an educational tool that students can use to learn the basics of embedded system design and software development.

The significant advantage of the AppBox is that it is “Powered by Novos” – it comes with a pre-loaded demonstration software package built around the Novos FB Application Framework, a library of fully-documented “ready-to-go” Services. The very real benefit is that not only is Novos FB embedded into the AppBox software, making application development easy, but Novos FB is an “off the shelf” solution that can be incorporated into the final end-product royalty free.

The Novos FB environment is one of five Application Frameworks available from Embedded Environments Co. as “C” source code at no charge. Each Framework is a library of fully-documented services that enable the user to move quickly to development of the required application. The FB Application Framework and Demonstration Software for the AppBox C21 were built with Atmel Studio tools.

The AppBox software package includes all source code to both the Novos FB Application Framework and the demonstration application itself. User Guides for the AppBox hardware and the Demonstration Software are also included. In addition, purchasers of the AppBox C21 are given a $20 coupon to purchase the Novos FB User Guide or Services Reference Guide or to put the $20 towards the purchase of any Guide in the Novos family.

Tom Barrett, CTO of Embedded Environments Co. commented “The intent of the Novos family of application environments is to provide powerful, royalty-free software foundations to cover whatever behavior an embedded system design needs. We’ve employed the Novos FB environment in the AppBox as it was a great match for the application.”

Mike Strain, President of Spectrum Digital, Inc. said “The collaboration of the two companies has combined our hardware development tool experience with the embedded operating system expertise of Embedded Environments Co. The result is a unique offering – a fully documented hardware package incorporating an Application Framework and application software with source code. It’s a compelling offer”.

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Information on the AppBox:

Spectrum Digital, Inc. designs, develops and markets design tools for digital signal processors (DSPs) and high performance microcontrollers. These products include scan path emulators, debuggers, evaluation modules, and application specific hardware. The company targets high growth, large volume markets requiring specialized technology to develop end applications. Spectrum Digital, Inc. is a Texas corporation with its headquarters located in Stafford, Texas, a suburb of Houston.

SDI does approximately 80% of its manufacturing in-house. This allows SDI to be competitive on pricing in addition to being able to better control quality and inventory. The in house manufacturing further allows SDI to be more responsive to customer’s scheduling requirements.

Embedded Environments Co.
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Information on Novos Frameworks:

Novos Application Frameworks are based on four decades of embedded systems experience of CTO and lead developer Tom Barrett. He has designed well-known RTOS products including RTXC™, RTXC Quadros™, plus the Freeware Kernels MCX-11™, MCX-16™ and RTEK™ from Motorola Semiconductor.